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Andy Brase grew up in Iowa. He was very inspired by comics and began to draw a lot around the time he started high school. At the end of high school he attended his first comic convention and showed his work to some small comic publishers...His work caught the attention of Hall of Heroes Comics Later that year the comic "Hall of Heroes Presents #4: Turaxx", drawn and written by Brase, was released...At the age of 19, this was Andy's first published comic work. Turaxx was based on characters and creatures Andy had created and set in a fantasy world.

Andy did a few other creator owned comic projects and a hand full of pinups for comics during his college years. He also started to produce some electronic music on the side and this hobby led to remixing some music for bands including the industrial band Razed in Black. Andy graduated with a degree in Art and Design from Iowa State University. He had a few odd jobs, including working in a tattoo shop and at a bookstore warehouse before freelance illustration. In 2001 Andy worked with his friend and fellow artist ,Tyler Walpole, on a Dungeons & Dragons comic series as an inker. Around this time Andy was introduced to the role playing game industry and this led to some new freelance work.

In 2002 Andy relocated to Minnesota to work with a game company and later went into full time freelance work. His first RPG work was on DragonStar (for Fantasy Flight Games) He was very determinded to improve his art, and create art that had meaning and basically locked himself up in his small studio apartment working day & night. Andy has had a chance to work with many game and comic companies in the few years he has been working professionally. His work with a unique & detailed inking style continues to grab the attention of new fans, editors and people all the time. Some of the companies Andy has done work for include Marvel, DC, Wizards of the Coast, Top Cow, Penny Farthing Press, White Wolf Games, Fantasy Flight, Upper Deck and many more. He has done work on many properties including The Darkness, Hellboy,
Warcraft, The Hulk, Spiderman, Batman, GI Joe, Fantastic Four, Midnight, Demon: The Fallen, Shadowrun,

Andy also has a personal project called "Chaos Destiny" that he works on when he gets the chance and hopes to publish eventually. It is set in Dark Fantasy/Sci-fi world of Andy's creation.

Some of the Chaos Destiny pieces are being offered here as prints, including Aurora Guardian, Twisted Walls, Gatekeeper of the Sand, Athan Cyprus and more"

 Article used with permission by Andy Brase ©2006

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